The Three Fishes

The Three Fishes pub is a culinary haven nestled just outside the charming village of Whalley, Lancashire, where gastronomy meets tradition in the heart of Lancashire. At the helm of our culinary team is none other than the visionary Chef Patron, Nigel Haworth.

With a culinary journey that spans decades, Nigel Haworth has etched his name as a maestro in the world of gastronomy. Renowned for his innovative approach to traditional British fare, Nigel brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Three Fishes Pub.

His culinary prowess is not only rooted in technique but also in a deep-seated commitment to showcasing the best of local, seasonal ingredients.

Farm to Fork

We have created a one-acre vegetable garden with the help of Ed, our resident gardener. We grow only heritage seeds, producing wonderfully flavourful fruits, salads and vegetables.

A huge polytunnel is tucked away behind our main growing area fulfilling our requirements for herbs, salads and crops which need more warmth and sunlight. I’m planting an edible forest which will give me the real taste of orchard fruits, focusing on heritage varieties.

We’ve worked hard to ensure everything we grow is selected for maximum flavour and minimum impact on the land.  Our permaculture, no-dig approach works in harmony with nature – protecting and enhancing biodiversity, in order to create a sustainable platform to work from. Nothing tastes quite the same as freshly picked produce, and all our dishes harvest the benefit of using the freshest of ingredients.

Beyond the Kitchen

Nigel Haworth’s culinary influence extends far beyond the walls of the Three Fishes Pub, reaching into the homes of countless food enthusiasts through his notable appearances on television.

A familiar face on the small screen, Nigel has graced the kitchens of popular cooking shows, such as Saturday Kitchen, James Martin’s Saturday Morning and Sunday Brunch, showcasing his expertise and infectious passion for British cuisine.

Notably, his participation in the Great British Menu has earned him acclaim as a contestant, where his Lonk Lamb Lancashire Hotpot saw him win the main course. His main course in 2009 for the banquet for the Troops and went on to appear for over 5 years as a judge.

It’s not just about the flavours on the plate; it’s about sharing the narrative of Lancashire’s culinary legacy with a wider audience, inspiring a new generation of food enthusiasts.

Nigel’s cooking and television presence not only highlights his culinary prowess but also underscores his dedication to promoting the diverse and exceptional ingredients that Lancashire has to offer. Through the lens of the camera, viewers get a glimpse of the same commitment to quality and innovation that defines the Three Fishes Pub.

Join us as we bring the television magic to your table, where each dish is a masterpiece crafted with the same passion and skill that captivates audiences nationwide.