The acclaimed festival of food and wine at Northcote,
uniting the world’s best chefs

A festival like no other

Since 2000, Nigel, Craig and the Northcote team have been welcoming the world’s greatest chefs to the acclaimed Obsession festival of food and wine, at Northcote, Lancashire. With more than 20,000 guests and 150 chefs visiting from around the world since its launch, Obsession is the finest food and wine festival in the UK.

Each year, over three sell-out weeks in January, a global selection of gastronomic greats are invited to Northcote (founded by Nigel Haworth and Craig Bancroft in 1984) to showcase their own food style, regionality and techniques in unique creations for guests. Each chef rises to the challenge of cooking a signature menu with the support of Nigel and his brigade. Back to back the evenings unfold showcasing food of individual character and flavour, and wines of equal interest and grandeur.

This unique celebration unites food and wine enthusiasts with the most talented chefs over one shared passion; an obsession for the finest gastronomy.

The world’s top chefs

The formula is simple. Each chef has one night to work with Nigel and the Northcote team to wow and inspire guests with a menu that reflects their restaurant, style of cooking and the ingredients they’re passionate about, all of it perfectly paired to the finest wines by Craig Bancroft and team.

Nigel encourages the guest chefs to celebrate and present their most iconic dishes, showcase their own regionality, and share their food passions and food heritage.

Across a hugely enjoyable 20 years and counting, that challenge has so far been answered by a who’s who of the world’s top chefs. These include: Heston Blumenthal, Sat Bains, Raymond Blanc, Phil Howard, Andoni Luiz and Anna Ros and many more celebrated chefs.

You can find out more about the festival and all the adventures from last year’s Obsession by downloading our magazine here