Bringing expertise and a wealth of experience
from 30 years at the top

With more than three decades of experience in both the kitchen, training, consulting and building successful brands, a worktop stacked with industry awards, and the accolade of holding a Michelin star at Northcote since 1996, Nigel is among the UK’s most popular chefs.

Perhaps the finest example of his cooking and commercial acumen blending seamlessly came through his pioneering development of the Ribble Valley Inns – leading the “gastro-pub” phenomenon, setting a new benchmark that breathed life into pubs across the UK and beyond.

Today, away from his role as ambassador of Northcote, Nigel partners with some of the world’s biggest brands including Audi, Gagganeu, Baxterstorey, British Airways and Electrolux on a diverse range of global opportunities. Each of these rely on his unrivalled skills, expertise and far-reaching, loyal network of acclaimed chefs to ensure similar success.

NH Brand Services


  • Full service consultancy, development & partnership
  • Menu & product development
  • Group & chain development, launch planning
  • Network outreach & partnerships


  • Brand research & identity development
  • Project planning & management
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Interior design

Special Appearances

  • Media Outreach
  • Bespoke Dinner Parties
  • Special Events

 Image & Corporate

  • Sponsorships
  • Promotional Videos
  • Ambassadorial services
  • Network & influencer outreach

Successful Design

Creating a Restaurant, a Café or a Bar takes something special.  In my opinion you do not only have to like them, but you need to Love them and spend a lot of time in them to understand the needs of the business.  To create a simple working chemistry all aspects of the design need to be covered, bringing together the negative and the positive, a concept of dualism. There is no restaurant without a kitchen, one must complement the other and so is the basis of our design.

An understanding of what works from colour to comfort and good lighting, and how to bring together form and function.  The belief we have is in the simplicity of design and not the complexity, things should work naturally together.  The most important outcome is that guests enjoy and feel comfortable within the design and that Staff can work easily and ergonomically, creating a healthy space for all.  We care deeply about how these goals are achieved, about the effect on people and on the broader environment.

Our Holistic approach ensure that the outcomes are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.


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Interior Design by Kathrine Haworth

Nigel collaborates with ‘Kathrine Haworth Interior Design’ across many ventures. His wife and business partner leads on interior design, project commissions and assists with planning and management across wider, complex design projects.

Kathrine studied interior design and graduated with first class honours in sustainable construction in 2010, before embarking on a range of renovation and restoration projects. Together they offer a joined up holistic approach to projects – combining Nigel’s extensive knowledge in the hospitality industry and Kathrine’s approach to innovative, best practice in construction and interior design.

For further inquiries in regards to interior design please contact: